01. It is very difficult to [deal] with students who make no effort in class.
02. The two men sealed the [deal] with a handshake.
03. The police burst into the room where the drug [deal] was taking place.
04. We need to look at all the different sides of this [deal] before we decide whether or not to accept it.
05. There is a special branch of the police force in town which specializes in [dealing] with violence among teenagers.
06. Rich countries often push poor countries into accepting trade [deals] they do not benefit from as much as they should.
07. A negotiator for the police has worked out a [deal] for the release of the 3 hostages.
08. We found this table at a little antique [dealer] in Boston.
09. We got a really good [deal] on a charter flight to Spain last fall.
10. The company tries to be fair and honest in all its [dealings].
11. He is quite dishonest, so you have to be very careful in your [dealings] with him.
12. There were a number of discipline problems in the classroom which had to be [dealt] with.
13. She couldn't [deal] with all the noise of working in the factory, so she quit her job.
14. A peace [deal] has finally been reached between the two countries.
15. The penalty for drug [dealing] in some countries is death.
16. The children have found their parents' divorce very difficult to [deal] with.
17. The Book of Genesis in the Bible [deals] with the creation of the world.
18. Any bad behavior will be [dealt] with immediately.
19. The strike was called off on Monday because the union and management have made a [deal].
20. She teaches relaxation techniques to help patients [deal] with the pain of their illness.
21. You [deal] the cards while I get the drinks.
22. The [dealer] won almost every game of black jack we played.
23. Their business [deals] in new and used books.
24. He made a [deal] with his landlord to cut the grass in return for reduced rent.
25. He [dealt] out five cards to each player.
26. The police have arrested a major cocaine [dealer] as a result of a six-month investigation.
27. Some guy is [dealing] some bad heroin in this town and people are dying.
28. Motorcycle gangs are believed to be behind the city's drug [dealing].
29. Midori Koto once suggested that honor isn't about making the right choices. It's about [dealing] with the consequences.
30. Someone once observed that if you make the world a little better, then you have accomplished a great [deal].
31. Napoleon Bonaparte once stated that a leader is a [dealer] in hope.
32. In 1986, pop star Michael Jackson signed a [deal] in which he was paid $15 million to advertise Pepsi-Cola.
33. The U.S., Mexico and Canada have a special trade [deal] known as NAFTA.
34. A Chinese proverb advises, "[Deal] with the faults of others as gently as with your own."

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